M.O.N.E.R.A. beta

M.O.N.E.R.A. is a new way to visualize Twitter information using an organic metaphor: each tweet is represented by a bacteria inside an ecosystem and each species represents a topic. New information is acquired dynamically by Twitter API which makes the environment live and unpredictable.
The project was developed as part of the Information Visualization class lectured by Prof. Gudrun Klinker, TU München [1]. It was built upon the ideas of Carolin Horn and Florian Jenett in the project Anymails [2] (www.carohorn.de/anymails) and Ben Fry in the work Organic Information Design [3]. The illustrations of the creatures come from the book Kunstformen der Natur by Ernst Haeckel, about which I posted a month ago. The project was programmed using Processing [4] and it is using twitter4j to access Twitter API [5]. The engine is based on Nature of Code by Daniel Shiffman [6].
You can see the version it will be presented on the show room “ITüpferl” from Fakultät für Mathematik und Informatik at TU München here:
Or you can see the version on OpenProcessing site:
[1] Information Visualization SS2009 – campar.in.tum.de/Chair/TeachingSs09InfoVis
[2] Anymails – www.carohorn.de/anymails
[3] Organic Information Design – benfry.com/organic
[4] Processing – processing.org
[5] Twitter4J – yusuke.homeip.net/twitter4j
[6] Nature of Code – shiffman.net/teaching/nature

11 replies to “M.O.N.E.R.A. beta

  1. That’s absolutely terrific ! Huge COngrats!
    I really hope to play with that soon on a Multitouch TAble / WAll .

    Please keep me updated if you plan to push further this awesome project !

    Are you still planning to release the source ?

    Enjoy 2010 !!:

  2. I do not accept as true with this post. Nonetheless, I had searched in Yahoo and I have found out that you are correct and I had been thinking in the incorrect way. Keep on publishing quality material similar to this.

  3. Please let us have more information about these popping ideas. You will be doing a lot good to us.Thanks in advance.

  4. A very novel way to look at Twitter. But when teaching your audience will always learn and remember better if they can visualize it so it is a good idea, although different.

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